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 Waterloo County Wanderers · 2021 Schedule


Start & End Location

Aprčs Ride Location

Adopt a Week

Jul 20
Jul 27
Jul 22
Jul 29
New Dundee
Community Centre parking lot
EJ's Restaurant & Tavern
across from Castle Kilbride
Yin Tang
Janine & Stu
Aug  3
Aug 10
Aug  5
Aug 1
St. Clements Catholic school  
right side of main intersection
Heidelberg Restaurant & Pub Merv Eglie
Yin Tang
Aug 17
Aug 24
Aug 19
Aug 26
West Montrose Mennonite Meeting House, Middlebrook Rd Whale & Ale Pub near Canadian Tire on Victoria at Frederick Rick Gurton
Rick Gurton
Aug 31
Sep  7
Sep 2
Sep 9

St. Agatha Comm. Centre
Just past Angie's kitchen

Kennedy's Pub, St. Agatha Dave Otto
John Dunnington
Sep 14
Sep 21
Sep 16
Sep 23
Waterloo Regional Police Assoc.
1128 Rife Rd, Cambridge
The Rabbid Foxl   
Pioneer Park Plaza·Homer Watson
Ron & Grace
Denise & Dwayne

Sep 28
Oct  5

Sep 30
Oct  7
St. Jacob's Comm. Center
West of Picards Peanuts
Harvest Moon Restaurant
5 Parkside Dr, St. Jacob's
Nico Spronk
Ed Hummel

NOTE: All rides start at 6:30pm except those in bold italics which start at 6:00 pm (Aug 31 ~ Oct 7).


Last updated on 2021·08·30

Click on each underlined name to view a map of the location.