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Waterloo County Wanderers 
Club Objectives
  • Organize recreational rides around Waterloo County on Tuesday and Thursday evenings with three choices of routes (short, medium and long).

  • Keep our fees low and affordable by doing all Club work on a volunteer basis and by requiring member cyclists to be fully self supporting on rides.

  • Invite all members to join in a short social get together after each ride.

  • Encourage and remind members of safe recreational cycling rules.

  • Support members who wish to organize other Club events of a non competitive nature, such as our pot luck suppers, trail rides and the like.

  • Arrange member discounts at select local cycling stores

  • Keep in touch, electronically where possible, through regular newletters and internet web site updates.  

 Helmets, Equipment & Your Bicycle

We like our fellow cyclists and don’t want them to drop out of riding because of brain damage (The impact related kind).  So, to ride with us everyone must wear an approved, properly fitted cycling helmet.  
We don’t have sag wagons, water stops or ride leaders.  That’s how we keep the membership costs so low. 
Club members help each other in case of break downs or technichal problems.  You should bring enough water for each ride (count on one bottle per hour).  You should also carry a patch kit, 2 or 3 tire levers and a pump.  It’s even better to carry a spare inner tube as that’s a much faster fix.  Clothing is important, especially in the spring and fall.  Do wear bright colours so that vehicle drivers can see you.  Layering is helpful if it gets cool or damp.  It’s a good idea before the season starts to clean and lubricate your bike, make sure it is in good working order and that the tires are inflated to the proper pressure.  If mechanics is not your strong suit, we recommend that you take your trusted friend to a good bike shop and have it looked over by an expert.   Last of all, please bring a working red tail light and a head light for the dusk parts of the rides.  Safety considerations require riders not to use “Audio Ear Buds”
or “Blue Tooth” type head sets while riding, so they can hear traffic.