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Waterloo County Wanderers 

WCW Newletter (2019-04-02)  
WCW Newletter (2019-02-12)  
Ontario Cycling Death Review from 2006 to 2010 (Released in June 2012)
Share The Road - A Green Paper for an Ontario Bicycling Policy (March 2010)
WCW Facebook Group  
WCW Risk Management Plan
Cambridge Tour de Grand  
Google Maps (showing bike trails)
Great Lakes Waterfront Trail (over 1,600 km of Lakefront and River trails )  
Atlantic Canada Cycling   (Cycling Site for the Maritime Provinces)
BicycleSafe.com   (How to Not Get Hit by Cars plus other tips)
Canada Trails
Cycle Canada Bicycle Tours
Great Canadian Bicycle Tours  (Sundays & Statutory Holidays)
Niagara Bicycling Guide   (with 12 area cycling maps)
Niagara-on-the-Lake Wine Routes
Ontario Parks
Ontario Road Maps   (Provincial & County Roads)
Parks Canada  (National Parks in each province)
Trans Canada Trail  
Walk Cycle Region of Waterloo Active Transportation Master Plan (Feb 2014)  
Walter Bean Grand River Trails   (includes maps)
Ziggy's Cycle & Sport
McPhail's Cycle & Sports
Wheels on Peel Cycle & Sports  


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